The emotional nature of the presentation really hooked people. This was a very effective way of helping people see why we need to protect and restore the environment.
— Mark Mueller (First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee, Earth Justice Ministry Committee)

What is the Gone Paddling River Talk?

Gone Paddling River Talks are 20-30 minute storytelling sessions by Jesse Hieb, the Producer/Director of Gone Paddling. Jesse takes his audience through an emotional roller coaster as they experience his passion for the outdoors, learn about the history of the Wisconsin River and experience the adventure of paddling the hardest working river in North America.

Who should schedule a river talk?

Community groups, schools, nonprofits, and companies will all find value in inviting Jesse Hieb to their event. River talks can be adjusted for any age group. River talks can be designed as a stand alone event or incorporated into a preexisting event.

The following is just a few of the groups that have invited Gone Paddling River Talks to their event:

  • Wisconsin DNR

  • First Unitarian Church

  • Canoecopia (world's largest paddling expo)

  • Friends of the Ice Age Trail

  • Recreation Equipment Inc. (REI)

  • Junior Achievement USA

How much does it cost?

The Producer/Director of Gone Paddling does the River Talk for free. Due to the duration of the talk, we do ask any clubs, groups, and hosts located outside of Southeastern Wisconsin to cover any travel expenses. We would encourage organizations to make a donation to the film’s production costs.

When are "River Talks" available?

Jesse Hieb is available to do the Gone Paddling River Talks any day of the week. Please contact us for scheduling.