Director/Executive Producer - Jesse Hieb

 Learn more about Gone Paddling creator, Jesse Hieb, by visiting

Learn more about Gone Paddling creator, Jesse Hieb, by visiting


Telling stories is just what he does...

"Gone Paddling" creator, Jesse Hieb, has been helping people, organizations, and businesses tell their stories for over 10 years through the use of film and media. But for much longer than that he has been a nature lover. Having spent time growing up in Japan, Jesse spent most of his time playing in the forest with his siblings. He grew up in a vibrant and loving family environment and as such watched his parents advocate for what they believed in.

Jesse didn't start paddling until later in life. He and a friend build kayaks in college (because they were too poor to buy them). Ever since his first time on the water Jesse hasn't stopped seeking adventure through paddling. In 2014 Jesse attempted to be the first person to stand up paddleboard (SUP) across 88 miles of the Great Lake Michigan. He was unsuccessful however to this day no one has been able to make it as far as Jesse did (48 miles in 17 hours).

The choice to paddle the 430 miles of the Wisconsin River was an easy one. Jesse was on the hunt for an adventure when he decided to push his limits by attempting the first ever solo and unsupported paddle down the the 430 mile Wisconsin River on a stand up paddleboard (SUP). It wasn't until he had learned more about the history of the Wisconsin River that he decided he had to use this adventure as an opportunity to tell the incredible story of collective impact and the Wisconsin River. 

For 17 days Jesse will be paddling the river and camping on its sandbars. He will carry all of his food, supplies and camera gear on his SUP. He does not plan to have any food resupply stations along the way. This requires an extensive amount of planning few are able to comprehend. Along the way there will be people responsible for the revitalization of the river meeting up with him to talk about what it takes to make a positive change on such a huge level.