The Gone Paddling Education Program

The Gone Paddling team has partnered with award winning educators to design a corresponding education program for high school teachers and their students. This was made possible through the generous financial assistance of Alliant Energy and Domtar Paper. Viewers will be able to watch each live interview through the Gone Paddling Facebook page (@GonePaddlingTheFilm). Viewers will be able to ask their questions in real time by commenting on the post. Questions can also be submitted in advance through the contact page at Below is a short description of each individual being interviewed along with their corresponding interview date. You can find individual downloadable lesson plans by clicking on the specific links under their bios.

Please note that all of these education materials are free to download.


Bob Martini - Interview Date TBD

Bob Martini was the former DNR agent assigned to the Wisconsin River territory in the 1970s when the Clean Water Act was passed. Bob has been involved in the revitalization of not just the Wisconsin River but also numerous conservation projects around Wisconsin. He is recognized around our nation for his contribution to preserving our wild places and is an invaluable source of knowledge about the Wisconsin River.

Martin Schrieber.jpg

Martin Schrieber - Interview Date TBD

Martin Schrieber is a former Governor of Wisconsin. He served as Lieutenant Governor from 1975-1978 before finishing out his predecessor's term from 1977-1979. Martin was involved in government during a critical time of the environmental period. He passed legislation that provided funding support to businesses that were trying to innovate so that they could follow EPA regulations. Martin will speak to the political environment in Wisconsin during the 1970s and will help us understand why what happened in Wisconsin government was so necessary when it came to environmental protection.

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William Ruckleshaus - Interview date TBD

William Ruckelshaus was the very first EPA Administrator appointed by President Nixon in 1970. William provides extensive knowledge about the national political scene surrounding the creation of the EPA and the Clean Water Act. 


Gina McCarthy - Interview Date TBD

Gina McCarthy was the EPA Administrator during the Obama Administration. She provides a key perspective regarding the history of the Clean Water Act and the development of the EPA since it was created back in 1970. Gina also provides an explanation of how the case study of the Wisconsin River can be replicated across North America and the World. 


Raj Shukla - Interview Date TBD

Raj is the Executive Director of the River Alliance of Wisconsin and an avid environmental advocate. The work of the River Alliance plays a key role in the ongoing conservation work involving the Wisconsin River. Raj will help us understand the scope of team work necessary for a community to take care of a river like the Wisconsin River.


Timm Zumm - Interview Date TBD

Timm Zumm is the President of the Friends of the Lower Wisconsin Riverway (FLOW). Timm met up with Jesse along the river during his paddling expedition. Timm Provides a unique perspective of how individuals in the community work together to play a role in river conservation.


Mark Cupp - Interview Date TBD

Mark Cupp is the President of the Wisconsin Riverway Board, a unique, one of a kind organization set up through some of the greatest bi-partisan pieces of environmental legislation. Mark was involved in writing some of the original legislation that protects the last 93 miles of the Wisconsin River and provides an incredible view of what it takes to manage the aesthetics of a river while also managing relationships between industries, municipalities, government agencies, and the general public.


We will be adding additional interviews as production continues and interviewee biography's become available.