Help us tell the story 

The story of Gone Paddling has become much more than we ever expected. When we first set out to film the Wisconsin River and talk to people about the revitalization it went through we didn't expect to find what we did. We realized very quickly that this story deserved to be told in a much bigger way. We decided we needed to create a feature documentary that would be seen around the world. We knew that this story had the ability to inspire communities to take the steps necessary to preserve their natural resources.

Your financial support will be used  towards the cost of production and post production. It will help us acquire the remaining interviews with key individuals. It will help with the costs of hiring personnel like editors, colorists, and audio technicians. It will fund the rental costs of gear that we need to do the interviews the right way. It will also help us with travel costs to get to some of these interview locations.

We plan to distribute this film first through film festivals, then a wider theatrical release followed by television and online distribution. We want to share this story with as many people as possible.

Gone Paddling is not a non profit or 501c3 organization so you won't be able to receive any tax deduction when you donate. However please know that your gift to the production of Gone Paddling will benefit millions of people, thousands of communities, and hundreds of water conservation efforts.